Dime to Quarter Sized Dents(1-2 inches) - $75.00 Average Cost
Golf ball Sized Dents (2-3 inches) - $125.00 Average Cost
Softball Sized Dents (4-6 inches) - $175.00 Average Cost
Larger Sized dents require on site estimate.
2-3 Inch Creases $75.00 -$100.00 Average Cost

Wolf Strehlow in Longboat Key, FL

"A car backed into my 2010 BMW Z4 while it was parked in a garage. The impact created a sizable dent on the passenger-side door.The dent included an outward buckle at the point where a crash bar is located on the inside of the door. Roger Wald painstakingly made the damage a magician.

The cost was about 10% of what a body shop would have charged. Thank you, Roger"

Carl Falstrom in Bradenton, FL
"My wife dropped a frozen beef tenderloin on the hood of my new Hyundai Azera and left quite a dent. I took the car to a local body shop and they wanted almost $600 to fix it and said I needed to leave the car for two days. I went to see Roger, and he was able to fix my hood as well as two door “dings” for a fraction of the body shop quote and he did it in less than an hour. You cannot tell where the dents were. Roger is friendly and competent. I can’t recommend him highly enough for those who need dent repairs.

Thanks again, Roger, for a job extremely well done."

Tracey Robertson in FL
"Mr. Wald recently repaired a dent that had been on my car for years.  I was reluctant to get it fixed because of the cost.  A friend told me about Mr. Wald’s service.  He actually came to my house for the repair.  Mr. Wald was very professional.  He was on time, did a beautiful job repairing the dent and his rate was much lower than I would have paid at a body shop or car dealer.  I would highly recommend Mr. Wald to anyone in need of dent repair."

Fern Grace in Bradenton, FL
"Roger fixed a dent that would have otherwise cost me over $1500.00. I am very pleased with his quick response and friendly service!"

Pamela in Bradenton, FL
I have a new car that I absolutely adore, however, my son’s football caused two dents in my new black Nissan Altima. I called Roger and made an appointment with him to come to my home and repair the two dents. Now I have a new car again without any dents thanks to Roger. He is very professional and most pleasant to work with. I am so thankful to Roger for making my new car beautiful again.

Chris in Bradenton, FL
I was doing some engine work on my car one weekend, and was leaning on the front fenders when I felt the fender give under my weight. I backed up to see my fender dented quite badly. I needed a quick way to fix it and a friend recommended Roger and told me he did good work. Boy was my friend right, Roger came to my office and had the front fender fixed in less then an hour. It looked great and I couldn't tell where the dent had been. I would recommend anyone who has a small dent call Roger before you go to a dealership and waste tons of money on something that he can fix in little to no time at all.
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